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Teleneurology: Ask Me Anything

Teleneurology: Ask Me Anything

Course Description

As a tool that improves access to quality neurology care, enhances convenience and safety of patients, and has the potential to support provider wellness, telehealth is here to stay. Come learn from a panel of full-time and part-time practicing teleneurologists and an advanced practice provider who will answer your questions about the pros and cons of a telemedicine career.

This is a live Q&A panel webinar facilitated through Zoom. If you have any questions you'd like our panel to address, please register and submit your question(s). Recording available five days after event.

Date of Release

June 24, 5:30 pm CDT

Confidentiality of Data

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Faculty & Disclosures

  • Eric Anderson, MD, PhD, FAAN
  • Jessica Gautreaux, MD
  • Allison Lindauer, PhD